REU China 2013

Melissa DellaTorre




Nanjing Forestry University


Bowdoin College



























During my stay in China I had the pleasure of working in the Molecular Genetics lab at the Nanjing Forestry University. My project involved collecting pink and white hydrangea flowers on campus to help determine the difference in genes that account for the color. Anthocyanins are what produce the pigment in flowers and they play an important role in the reproductive success of the plant, as well as influencing the biodiversity of the environment. Anthocyanins can act as powerful antioxidants providing several health benefits and have potential for therapies and prevention of diseases, making them important molecules to study. The majority of our time was spent in Nanjing, but we were also able to travel to Shanghai, Siyang, Yangzhou, Xi’an, and Beijing. This opportunity provided me with valuable research and travel experience. The skills that I have acquired will be useful in future endeavors of research, education, and multi-lingual communications.




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