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I am a rising junior at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts with a major in Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation Science. A native of Manhattan, New York, I have held a strong interest in natural science—particularly in birds and ornithology—since the age of seven. This passion has thus far taken me all around North America as well as Ecuador, Turkey, and Western Europe. From August to December, 2013, I will be working on University of Florida’s Manu Bird Project, in Cuzco, Peru, studying species limits, life histories, and evolutionary ecology over an elevational gradient .


For this program, I was fortunate enough to be selected to contribute to the multi-year project comparing bird distribution between different habitats around the city. Hopefully this data can be used to model the effects of urbanization on bird abundance and diversity, as cities such as Nanjing and others around the world are experiencing rapid growth as the world population continues to enlarge.  I hope to continue work with the program’s data set even after this year’s program is finished.




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