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Nara McCray

Alabama A&M University

Summer 2012





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Alabama A&M University



Nanjing Forestry University


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National Science Foundation



Research Experience for Undergraduate Students







Other internship opportunities always distracted me from Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) in the past. The summer of 2012 was finally my chance to conduct my own research, not just research, research abroad! Before my experience conducting research in The Peoples Republic of China at Nanjing forestry University, I had never left the country before. This exciting experience has provided me this not only research education and experience but cultural education and experience. The Peoples Republic of China provided me with a unique environment to learn in; amongst cultural and language barriers, foreign equipment and a whole new diet I learned quickly.


The collaboration between my home institution, Alabama A&M University, and the international Nanjing Forestry University was the first of its kind funded by the National Science Foundation. Eleven students, three graduates and eight undergraduates, embarked on the adventure to China to conduct research in various areas of ecology and biology. The links to the left provide further information on these institutions.


To the right are the links to pages detailing my specific research and cultural experiences as well as my presentation, research paper, information about me, my mentors and a photo gallery.


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