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Calvin Means

Alabama A&M University†††††

Summer 2012










Genetic Map construction




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My name is Calvin Means I am a senior at Alabama A&M University studying Biology, and I have a great interest in molecular biology and genetics. After obtaining my degree in biology I plan on continuing my studies by going to graduate school, concentrating in the field of molecular biology. Biology is everywhere and itís a part of everyday living that is foremost reason it fascinates me so. I recently applied to a REU program and was privileged to have the opportunity to study abroad. This was an experience that I feel will be a major stepping stone in helping me to get ahead in my future studies and career. It gave me the opportunity to interact with a group of intelligent young people that are very passionate about their work and their field of studies. This program not only inspires, it also teaches, motivates, and creates passageways for international networking.





























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